Shoot Bubble Christmas


Get rid of hundreds of colorful ornaments in this game


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If you’d like to enjoy the classic Bubble Shooter in your Android smartphone once more, Shoot Bubble Christmas is a super fun version that lets you keep bursting bubbles but in a more Christmassy way.

In this version, you can help the tiny snowman to get rid of all the ornaments that are accumulating on the upper part of the screen. To accomplish your mission you have to use the thrower and slide it towards the right or the left until you find the perfect spot to throw the ball and get rid of as many Christmas ornaments as you can.

One of the main features of Shoot Bubble Christmas is that it includes an arcade-like game system that’ll test you with fun challenges to get rid of strategically placed ornaments before they reach their location.

Enjoy Christmas during any time of the year with this great Android version of the legendary Bubble Shooter and get as far as your skills let you.
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